Know our history,
who we are and what to do.

IGUAL IS A BUSINESS COMPANY IN 1968 IN Igarassu / PE, acting in the product industrialization market, offering innovative and sustainable solutions for its clients.

With a distinct working philosophy in partnership with suppliers, EQUAL INVESTMENT IN RESEARCH AND IMPROVEMENT OF PRODUCTIVE PROCESSES. Permanently seeking the highest standard of quality, focused on the best products, always respecting and preserving the environment.

Over time it has been growing and developing, and in addition health products like bleach, disinfectants, dishwasher, fabric softener, garbage bags and household products. All this to give the sparkle and perfume that your house needs.

IGUAL has as its business to migrate and accelerate growth through distribution with fair profitability.

Conquer the use of quality products, always thinking about your well being and satisfaction. is in more or more companies in the market in which it operates.

Always seeks to preserve values ​​and agility, communication, accuracy, honesty, humility, innovation, optimism, partnership, recognition, teamwork and transparency.

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